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Roller Garage Door Openers

An automatic roller garage door opener is a simple and effective way to upgrade the convenience and functionality of your home, while also providing safety and security.

An automatic roller door opener allows you to open, close, and stop your garage door with the touch of a button. Our electric roller door openers are powered by super quiet and powerful DC motors designed to lift single, double and custom heavy doors.. Soft-start and soft-stop technology ensures the door operates smoothly, never disturbing anyone as you come and go.

You also won’t have to worry about safety, as all of our models come with automatic safety reverse technology, which automatically causes the door to reverse when it senses an obstruction. You can also pair your roller door with our infrared safety beam detectors for added safety.

Each roller door opener also comes packed with security features like automatic timers to close the door, as well as Security + 2.0 technology, which generates unique transmission codes each time the door is operated.

Most Merlin garage door openers are myQ compatible. This is an advanced security system that allows you to control and monitor your roller door opener from wherever you are through your smartphone. You can easily let a delivery driver into the garage to leave a parcel, or let the kids in after school.

Looking for garage roller door openers powered by smart technology? Look no further than Merlin’s range of safe, secure, and intelligent roller door openers for any type of garage.

April 21, 2021