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Sectional Garage Door Openers

A sectional garage door opener is a type of garage door system that uses interlocking panels that pivot horizontally when opened so that the door lies flat against the garage ceiling.

Also known as a sectional panel lift garage door, this system uses an electric motor connected to the door by a driver mechanism (usually a chain or belt). When the driver mechanism lifts the door upwards, each panel turns flat as it reaches the top of the doorway.

Super quiet and powerful, our sectional garage door openers allow you to use your garage space economically with maximum convenience. Our sectional garage door openers also feature a range of safety and security technologies like automatic safety reverse, randomised code transmissions, and myQ connectivity.

Merlin can help you select the best sectional garage door opener for your home, as well as install, service, and repair it.

April 23, 2021