Garage Automation Accessories

M828AU774 myQ Connectivity Bundle

827AU myQ Remote LED Light

M-BBU24V Battery Backup

774ANZ Genuine Merlin Protector System (Safety IR Beams)

771ANZ Genuine Merlin Outdoor IR Safety Beam Protector Systems

E860 Security + 2.0 Weather Resistant Receiver (433.30, 434.54, 433.92 MHz)

E8003 Security+ 2.0 Receiver

STAR1000EVO High capacity, single channel access control receiver for domestic and commercial garage door openers.

CM8002ANZ 433MHz 2-channel Billion and Rolling Code Channel Receiver

CM475 Evercharge Standby Power Unit

E475M-12V Evercharge Battery Standby Power Unit

041A6357-2 Genuine Merlin 12V Battery Backup

CM1702 Key operated cable release for steel fix installations. Allows external access to disengage the opener.

E1702M Key Operated Manual Release. Allows external access to disengage the opener.

DMK1 Keyed cable release brick fix 

DBK2 Double brick fix kit for use with DMK1