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Garage Door Opener Remotes

Your garage door opener remote is the portable button that transmits a signal to the automatic opener to open or close the garage door. The remote, often referred to as a garage fob or garage clicker, transmits a coded signal via radio waves, which is then processed by the corresponding receiver on the automatic garage door opener. The remote is capable of stopping the garage door opener at any point during opening or closing, as well as reversing the direction of the door movement.

Usually, a garage door opener will be paired with both a set of remote keys as well as a wall-mounted keypad. The keypad is mounted inside the garage to allow the convenient opening of the door when you are on the way out. Garage door opener remote keys come in fob-style designs as well as clip-on designs that can be attached to the visor of your car.

For added security, Merlin’s garage door opener systems feature Security + 2.0 security. What this does is that each time the door is operated the system generates a randomised security code. This means that the transmission code cannot be intercepted and reused, since no code is ever used twice.

Each of our garage door opener remote products features an LED light to allow confirmation that the remote is sending a signal. They also feature powerful transmitters for long-range signals, allowing you to open the garage door well before you have turned into the driveway.

You can pair a Merlin garage door opener remote with a Merlin garage door opener very easily. There is a simple process to ‘learn in’ the remote, which you can access at our How To Videos hub. This feature is useful if you lose or damage a remote, or if you want to add an extra remote to the system for another family member to use.

Depending on the garage door opener remote you choose, you can also connect it with up to 4 separate garage door openers. When pairing the remote with each garage door opener, you will have the option of choosing a button for each corresponding opener.

Using myQ technology, you can also turn your smartphone into a garage door control hub. Many of Merlin’s garage door openers can be integrated with the myQ app, which allows you to open, close, and monitor your garage door from wherever you are. This means you can do things like open and close the garage door for parcel deliveries when you are not at home, or let in a family member who has forgotten their house key. You can also check that you haven’t accidentally left the garage door open, and close it if necessary.

Merlin’s range of powerful garage door opener remotes allows you to operate your garage door with absolute control, convenience, and security.

April 16, 2021