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The Merlin x Kidsafe Garage Safety Checklist

How safe is your garage?

Accidents at home can happen in a flash – especially when young kids or four-legged family members are involved.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare shows that driveway and garage related injuries for children and adults are on the rise[1]. Since 2016, there’s been a 28 per cent increase in hospitalisations for driveway accidents and a 19 per cent for garage-related injuries.

At Merlin, we want families to be confident that their children, pets and belongings are safe when moving in and around the garage and driveway. That’s why we’ve partnered with Kidsafe Australia.

As advocates for at-home safety, Merlin and Kidsafe want every family to know that their kids, pets and belongings are safe when moving in and around the garage.

To ensure your garage is as safe as can be, we have developed the ultimate Garage Safety Checklist to see where you can easily improve your garage safety.

Go through the checklist below to see how safe your garage is, and what simple changes you can make to easily improve the safety of your garage for your family.


When it comes to your garage, tick all that  :

Up high

  • My garage light is in top working order and the area is well lit
  • I have a smoke alarm in my garage with a working battery
  • Shelves are anchored securely to the wall (freestanding garage shelves can =cause accidents or injuries if children try to climb on them)

To the side

  • The garage door button is mounted at least 1.21m[2] high and is out of reach for children (remember – the garage door button is not a toy!)
  • Ladders are stored horizontally to prevent them from falling over
  • My power tools are stored securely out of reach, standing upright and anchored/clipped to the wall
  • Loose sports gear, like the kid’s netball, basketball and cricket bats are securely packed away
  • Garage door remotes are child safe (no button batteries) and are kept out of reach

Down low

  • My garage floor is clean and clear
  • There are no trip hazards such as cracks or missing chunks in the garage floor
  • Accessways are free of obstructions, such as bikes and scooters
  • Any dangerous or toxic chemicals (such as paint, oil, gas) are sealed properly and stored in a locked cabinet out of reach of children

Now that you have taken the Merlin x Kidsafe Australia Garage Safety Checklist, it is the time to perform these three quick and easy garage safety tests:

  1. Manual release cord on automatic garage door opener
  2. Automatic safety reverse
  3. Safety Beam Protector System test

Merlin’s garage safety technology

Additional safety technology, such as Merlin’s Safety Beam Protector System, is a smart choice for your family.

Compatible with most Merlin Garage Door Openers available in Australia and New Zealand, Safety Beams are a great tool to help protect the family in the garage. If the beams detect a child, pet or even a toy while in operation, the garage door will immediately reverse before making contact.

When it comes to keeping your family safe around the garage, good safety practices, combined with smart garage technology, can make a real difference to your family’s wellbeing at home.

You can read more about garage and driveway safety in the Merlin and Kidsafe Australia Garage Safety Guide at

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[1] Australian Institute of Health and Welfare hospital data, 2020-2021