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Ditch the keys & make your home smarter with Merlin.



Merlin provides security and total home access control with our new range of gate openers - now available.


"I would gladly recommend to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a remote controlled garage opener to talk to the wonderful Merlin(Chamberlain).I was impressed with the high workmanship of the installer and the excellent after sales service that followed the installation." Don, Sydney NSW

"The myQ opener is working fantastically. It opens and closes at a good speed. I love the ability to receive alerts when it opens and closes as well as being able to control the door from the app on my phone" Trent, Sydney NSW

"Hi Merlin Team,February 14, 2018. I have had the myQ Garage door opener system installed to my Detached Garage, garage door for several months. The motor, myQ Smartphone app and the entire system has operated faultlessly throughout this period. I couldn’t imagine getting by without it. I am a Construction Supervisor for a leading Building company and can honestly say that the Merlin myQ product is of high quality and great value for money. The Technician responsible for the Merlin myQ installation was not only ethical but of the most responsible and well mannered person I have come across. I encourage anyone interested in having a fully integrated Garage door opening system linked to their smart phone, tablet or computer to consider the Merlin myQ garage door opener." Richard, Sydney NSW

"After installing Merlin Silentdrive Elite myQ to my roller door, getting in and out of the garage had been a lot easier and safer. I can either operate through the remote control or iphone, set it to automatic closing after I opened. I can open or close the garage door away from home, and the safety beam makes sure there is no obstacles before closing. The only slight inconvenience is that the LED light is a bit dim. Overall, it's a pleasure experience to use Merlin and I would definitely recommend it to my families and friends." Mei, Melbourne VIC

"Can you imagine having a TV without a remote control? That’s how we felt for us with our manual garage door and now that the garage door has been automated, we honestly don’t know how we ever lived without it."  Fiona, Medowie, NSW

"We were always under the impression that to automate our garage door, we would need to purchase a whole new door, but Merlin were able to attached the opener to our existing garage door for a fraction of the price." Amber, Acacia Gardens, NSW

"Merlin sent a professional installer to come to the house and within no time at all, our existing garage door was equipped with the new automatic opener and we instantly reaped the benefits of being able to automate the garage door with the push of a button."  Ariel Inala, QLD

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