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Merlin’s Automatic Door Lock: The essential security device for your home

During the 2021 lockdowns, the number of break-ins across the nation went down as we had no choice but to stay home. But as life slowly returns to normal, ensuring your home and belongings are safe and secure is becoming more important.

When we think of home security our mind usually goes to an extra deadbolt on the front door, or lock on the window. But what about the largest entryway to the home, your garage door?

We’re all guilty of behaviours that make us vulnerable to burglars – whether it’s leaving a window unlocked, a key hidden under a rock, or the garage door left open. Theft is usually a crime of opportunity, and these habits can put your home, possessions, and family at risk.

Merlin’s range of garage door openers and accessories has a product to suit every garage and is designed to keep your home, pets, and belongings safe and secure.

Merlin automatic garage door openers with auto lock security

Merlin’s Commander Ultimate is fitted with our auto lock feature – providing that extra layer of security.

When this Merlin-operated garage door is fully closed, our automatic garage door opener will move into the ‘lock’ position. This ensures that the garage door cannot be manually opened from the outside once it’s closed.

Whether you’re in the middle of an important meeting, an overseas flight, or your eldest’s dance recital, you can have peace of mind that if your garage door is closed, it’s locked!

So auto lock technology means that when your garage door is closed, it can’t be manually opened. But what if you can’t quite remember if you closed the garage door when you left your home?

That’s where Merlin’s myQ technology comes in handy.

Merlin’s myQ: Security with a tap of a button

Merlin takes the security of your home and belongings one step further with myQ technology.

If you’re unsure whether the garage door was left open, all you need to do is check your myQ App and see if it’s open or closed. If left open, you can easily close the garage door through the tap of a button, securing the door and your possessions.

All Merlin automatic garage door openers are compatible with myQ technology. This smart garage technology allows you to monitor, control and schedule your garage door activity through the myQ App.

myQ also allows you to access your home through the garage via your smartphone or Apple Watch. This means that you can leave bulky key bundles behind on your morning coffee-run – so there’s no need to hide a key in the pot plant in the fear of forgetting your house key.

Merlin’s tips to ensure the security of your home and belongings:

  • Ensure you have a secure garage door opener with a garage door auto lock.
  • Have an alternative option to leaving out a spare key. Download the Merlin myQ App or use Merlin’s Wireless Security Keypad.
  • Turn your Merlin myQ Remote LED Light on when you’re not home to deter burglars.
  • Keep your house locked when no one’s home. This includes windows and back doors.

The Merlin peace of mind

There’s no need to second guess the security of your home and family with Merlin. By choosing a Merlin automatic garage door opener, you can rest assured that you’re choosing a secure garage door.

With features such as auto lock and myQ Connectivity, Merlin gives you the tools to feel comfort and freedom in your own home, knowing you have one of the safest and most secure automatic garage door openers available.

For more information about Merlin’s or to browse our range of garage door openers and accessories, visit our website or call 1800 638 234.