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Introducing Merlin’s range of gate openers

Merlin has been trusted by families all over Australia and New Zealand as the garage door opener brand that provides first class safety and leading-edge features. We’re happy to announce that we now do gate openers, too!

Our swing and slide gate openers are compatible with our much-loved accessories – including myQ connectivity, Wireless keypad, and Battery Backup – and a trusted Merlin dealer can come to you.

With our dealers’ expert advice and service, you’ll be sure to get the perfect product for your needs, installed with ease.

How can our gate openers help your family?

Merlin’s gate openers can make your family’s day-to-day easier. Here’s how our openers and accessories can assist you:

  • Stay dry in the rain! Rain can be unpredictable and hit unexpectedly – especially in the midst of La Niña! If you’re coming home and find yourself caught in a downpour, you don’t have to leave the car to open the gate – open the entryway automatically with the click of a button.
  • Don’t interrupt your day. Use your myQ App to let guests in while you’re cooking dinner or open the gate for the kids while you’re in the middle of a zoom call.
  • Have a backup plan. Aussie wild weather can mean unexpected blackouts. To ensure you don’t get stuck, install Merlin’s Backup Battery for Gates. This battery allows your gate to continue to work as normal, even when the power is out.

How have Merlin’s gate openers helped families?


Don’t just take our word for it! Hear from one of our customers, Luke, who has had first-hand experience.

Based in Queensland, Luke had the Merlin Slide Gate Opener installed by our Merlin dealers three months ago, and it has revolutionised his family’s home access.

Luke says, “This product has been incredibly helpful, and so easy to use. As a family of six − ten if you count the pups − we’re constantly coming and going. Knowing that we have Merlin installed gives us confidence that our safety is a top priority.”

In addition to the gate opener, Luke’s set-up includes   Wireless Keypad and myQ Connectivity Kit.

Whether the kids are arriving home from school, or the cleaner needs to get into the house, Luke can open the gate remotely from his phone (even at work) to provide easy access.

Luke is also able to get notifications to his  from his phone (even at work) to provide easy access.

Luke is also able to get notifications to his phone when someone else uses his gate. If a friendly neighbour, trusted with the gate code, pops in to borrow some tools from the shed, Luke is kept in the loop with myQ!

“What I really love about Merlin’s gate opener is that, with the myQ connectivity pack, I can set up schedules ahead of time.

The kids love to take the dogs out for a walk after school and aren’t always the best at remembering to close the gate after them. With the myQ App, I’ve programmed the gate to close at 8pm.

This way, I’m able to rest easy, knowing that my access is secured every night.”

For more information about Merlin, or to browse our range of gate and garage door openers and accessories, visit our website or call 1800 638 234.