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Hit the road this summer, carefree, with Merlin’s myQ

Summer is in full swing, and it’s about time that you took that family holiday!

But are you worried about the security of your home while you’re away?

Here at Merlin, we want you to have the freedom to enjoy the summer holidays, knowing that your home and belongings are secure.

With myQ, you can grant a family member access to check in on your house, or even open your garage door remotely to ensure packages are placed safely inside.

Here are three ways that myQ can bring you peace of mind while you hit the road this summer.

Secure your home with myQ Guest Access

Whether you’re just heading up the coast for a few nights camping, or heading overseas for the entire summer break, ensuring that your home is safe and secure is an important consideration.

If you’re thinking of enlisting a trusted loved one to keep an eye on your house (or keep those precious plants watered!), myQ Guest Access can help you rest easy.

Thanks to the myQ Guest Access feature, there’s no need to leave a spare key out, risking your home’s security.

Grant your trusted family members access to your home by setting up Guest Profiles on your myQ App. This will allow them to open and close your garage door from their own device and enter your home through the garage.

You can add up to five users, creating and removing profiles as you need.

For a step-by-step on how to set up guest profiles, read our guide here.

Keep mail out of sight!

Mail and parcels piling up on your doorstep while you’re away can be a potential security risk, as it may be a clear giveaway that no one is home.

Safeguard your house, and your parcels, with myQ scheduling.

Simply open your garage door remotely when the postie arrives with your delivery, letting them pop the parcel inside.

Light up the night

Lighting is one of the most effective ways to safeguard your home while you’re away. Protect your home even further with Merlin’s myQ lights.

You can create schedules to turn on your Merlin myQ Smart Garage Remote LED Light in the evening to deter would-be thieves, or simply turn the lights on and off remotely through the myQ App.

Relax – you have a Merlin

You can relax when you hit the road this summer thanks to Merlin’s trusted smart myQ technology. With a range of innovative safety features, you can enjoy your holiday knowing that your home and belongings are secure.

Now, where’s my Piña colada?

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