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Keep your loved ones in the loop with myQ’s brand new feature, myQ Guests

Merlin’s smart home technology, myQ, has been in the market since 2017, and we know how much our customers love being able to monitor and control their garage door away from home.

At Merlin, we’re committed to innovating and redefining our residential garage door openers and accessories to make life that little bit easier, which is why we’ve developed our latest feature on the myQ App, myQ Guests.

myQ Guests is a new, free feature that allows users to grant access to an additional three people for remote, App-enabled control and monitoring of their garage door and lights from their own myQ App and login*.

How does myQ Guests work?

It’s so easy to use the myQ Guests feature and share your account with your family or trusted friends!

myQ Guests works with the latest version of the myQ App (versions 3.120 and above). Both parties will need the myQ App (the feature is not available through the myQ website). All you need to do is send an invite, and the user will need to accept it within three days. Once everything is set up, they’ll be able to switch between their own myQ account and yours – no password sharing required.

To send an invitation:

1.    Tap the Menu

2.    Tap myQ Guests

3.    Tap Add Guest or +

4.    Enter your first and last name and tap Next

5.    Enter the Guest’s name

6.    Enter the Guest’s email twice to confirm

7.    Select Relationship to the person that is being invited and tap Save

  •  Family
  •  Friend
  •  Other

8.    Tap Send in the upper right corner to send the invitation. Once the invitation is accepted the user will be able to control your myQ devices

To accept an invitation:

1.    Log into your account on the myQ App

2.    Tap the Menu

3.    Tap the account name at the bottom of the Menu.

4.    Tap Account Invitations

5.    Tap the Pending Invitation

6.    Tap Accept. You should now be able to view the myQ devices in the Devices section of the myQ App. If you don’t see the devices, switch to the guest account

For more information about Merlin’s myQ Guests feature contact our customer service team on 1800 638 234.