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Choosing the Right Gate Opener: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking to upgrade your home’s safety, security and convenience? Concerned about how to guard your home against porch pirates and potential intruders? Look no further than Merlin’s range of gate openers.

We understand that every home is unique, and that’s why our gate openers are designed to meet a diverse range of household needs. Merlin gate openers are a great way to add that extra layer of safety and security to your home, family, and belongings, while also making access simple, via remote controls and the myQ App. 

With so many options available, it can be challenging to pick the right gate opener for your home. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to help you find the ideal Merlin gate opener for your home and lifestyle. 

Deciding Between Swing and Sliding Gate Openers

Merlin provides a diverse selection of gate openers to cater specifically to the needs of your property and the type of gate you currently have installed. 

Sliding Gates

For properties with sliding gates that open and close horizontally, Merlin’s Slide 600 Slide Gate Opener is the ideal choice for your home. With the right balance of power and speed, the Slide 600 effortlessly handles gates up to eight metres and that weigh up to 600kg.

Swing Gates

If your entrance features swing gates that open and close on hinges, Merlin offers various options to suit your needs.

The Swing A 200 Single Swing is part of Merlin’s articulated arm range of gate openers and is most suitable for residential single swing gates up to 2.5 metres in width. The Swing A 200 is designed to quickly and quietly open and close a swing gate up to 200kg, depending on the size.

The Swing A 200 Dual Swing is the second in our articulated arm range and is the perfect fit for residential dual swing gates up to five metres. It has been designed to open and close two gates up to 200kg, depending on the width.

The Swing L 300 Single Swing is part of Merlin’s linear actuator range. It is best suited for gates up to three metres and weigh up to 300kg.

The Swing L 300 Double Swing  has been specifically designed for gates up to six metres and weigh up to 300kg.


Merlin also offers a range of industry-leading safety accessories, complementing our gate openers to provide added security and convenience. 

The myQ Connectivity Kit is ideal for those looking to add monitoring and control, even when they are away from their home. The kit includes the myQ Gateway and Outdoor Protector System, which can allow you to open and close the gate remotely and receive alerts and notifications for complete peace of mind.   

Another great accessory is the Merlin Battery Backup, which enables you to open and close your gate even when the power goes out. The Battery Backup is compatible with all Merlin gate opener models and has been designed to fit within the gate opener itself. 

Your local gate company can offer personalised assistance in finding the right product to suit your home and lifestyle. To get in contact with them, click here or call 1800 638 234. 


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