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Electric Garage Door Openers


Modern Australian homes are much more technologically advanced now than ever before. So many things have become electronic – and for very good reasons. Simple home alarm systems make our families and possessions safer, while electronic HVAC systems efficiently moderate the temperature of our homes. Even our gas boilers have electronic components to make them more powerful and efficient. But one of the most essential elements of an intelligent, modern home is an electric garage door opener.

Like many of the other electric features of the modern home, an electric garage door opener provides greater safety, security, energy efficiency, and functionality. But why is this the case? Let’s look at a few features of electronic garage door opener technology to work this out.

The central feature of an electric garage door opener is that the opening and closing mechanism is an automated operation. The user simply has to press a wall-mounted button,  hand-held remote or use a phone app (click here to read more about Merlin’s myQ App) to operate the door. This saves a lot of time, both when leaving home and arriving again. It also removes the difficulty of physically opening and closing the garage door. For heavy garage doors built for security, this is a significant advantage. Each of our electric garage door openers will complete this process incredibly quietly.

However, the benefits of an electronic garage door opener are not limited to just convenience.

Having an electric garage door opener fitted represents a significant upgrade to your home’s security. In the first place, having an electric opener will allow you to use a heavy, reinforced door. Our range of garage door openers are designed to lift single, double and custom heavy doors.

An electric garage door opener can also provide smart security by integrating with myQ technology. This allows you to monitor and control your garage door opener from wherever you are in the world with your smartphone. You can set schedules, receive real-time notifications, and set an automatic close function so that you never accidentally leave the garage door open. Merlin offers a range of electric garage door opener systems that are compatible with myQ to make it easy to introduce advanced security to your home.

A further security feature used across Merlin’s range of electric garage door openers is the Security + 2.0 system, which generates a unique code transmission every time you use the opener. This means that the code can never be intercepted and used to gain access when you are not at home.

An electric garage door opener is also much safer than a manual garage door. Our electric garage door opener systems offer intelligent safety features. For example, all of Merlin’s garage door openers come with an automatic safety reverse function. This means that the garage door will automatically stop and reverse if it senses any obstruction in its path when closing. All of our garage door openers also come with manual release cords as an added safety precaution.

Merlin supplies, installs, and repairs a full range of electric garage door openers for roller doors, sectional doors, and tilt doors. With a premium electric garage door opener, you will feel comfortable knowing your home is safe and secure.

April 7, 2021