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Garage Door Repairs and Servicing

The average garage door opens 1,500 times each year. While our garage door opener systems are more than prepared to handle this workload, it is important to ensure that they are kept in good condition. Much like a car gets a standard yearly checkup, a garage door opener benefits from consistent servicing.

The most essential aspect of a garage door opener repairs or servicing is to ensure that the system is still meeting all of its safety requirements. In particular, the automatic safety reverse should be tested, as well as the manual override cord. If infrared beams or automatic locks are incorporated in the system, these should be tested as well.

While the safety mechanisms are the most important aspect of the garage door system to check, they are also the least likely to require repair. If you are looking for garage door opener repairs, it is most likely that you have noted some kind of mechanical issue with your system. For example, you may have noticed that your garage door or garage door opener:

  • Is louder than usual
  • Is vibrating during operation
  • Automatically reverses when there is no obstruction in its way
  • Remains in an open or closed position despite the remote being triggered

These issues can usually be fixed by checking each of the mechanical elements of the system.

Usually, automatic garage door opener repairs do not require any change to the electric opener but simply require a small mechanical repair somewhere else in the system. A standard garage door opener repairs job will run through the following tasks to troubleshoot and service the system:

  • Lubricating the driver mechanism, including the tracks, chain or conveyor, and the wheels or cable drum
  • Checking the resistance of any bolts and screws at the mounting points (and tightening where necessary)
  • Checking and adjusting the spring tension (and replacing where necessary)
  • Checking and adjusting door alignment
  • Checking the door is still opening to the specifications of the doorway

While an expert garage door opener repairer will carry out each of these tasks, it is advised that owners also carry out basic regular servicing of their garage door and garage door opener. Following the steps listed above will ensure that your garage door opener system will avoid the risk of breakdown. A small regular investment in servicing will likely save you a lot of money if the whole system breaks down as a result of inaction. If you notice the system behaving differently than normal, make sure you deal with the problem before it gets any larger.

If you would like your garage door or garage door opener serviced or repaired, you can contact our Customer Service team on 1800 638 234, who will coordinate with a garage door specialist repairer to help you service or repair your garage system. We supply a network of dealers and technicians who are very familiar with all of Merlin’s products. We recommend you organise your automatic garage door opener repairs through us so that you are sure you are getting expertise directly relevant to your system.

April 7, 2021