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Automatic Garage Door Openers

The automatic garage door opener is one of the most essential aspects of a modern home. Garage door automation comes with the benefits of providing greater convenience, security, and safety. But to understand how these benefits are achieved, let’s look at what automatic garage door openers are and how they work.

An automatic garage door opener is a garage door system that can be opened and closed remotely, without physical effort being required to operate or lock it (aside from a simple click of a remote button or phone app!). There are three main types of automatic garage door openers:

  • Roller garage door openers
  • Sectional garage door openers
  • Tilt garage door openers

Each of these systems has slightly different mechanical setups.

In a roller garage door opener system, the door will be made of a lot of small horizontal strips (usually made of metal) that allow it to be rolled up into a cylinder shape. It’s a bit like rolling up a towel. In this kind of system, the garage door opener is located at one of the top corners of the door, inside the garage. From there, it winds and unwinds the door.

In a sectional garage door opener system, the door is made of larger horizontal segments. Instead of rolling up into a cylinder, these segments are lifted along a set of tracks and rotated so that they lie flat against the garage ceiling when open. These doors feature a drive mechanism (such as a belt or chain) that feeds the door backwards and forwards. They are controlled by an electric opener located towards the back of the garage.

Lastly, the tilt garage door opener system uses a garage door made of a single, rigid panel that does not roll or collapse. Instead, the door automatically pivots from a vertical position to a horizontal position. As in a sectional system, the tilt system uses a drive mechanism connected to the electric opener towards the back of the garage.

In all of these systems, the automatic garage door opener can be controlled remotely, either through a wall-mounted unit, remote or phone app (read more about the myQ App here). Please note the tilt garage door opener system cannot be operated via the myQ App due to safety reasons.  Each of these options send a signal to the garage door opener to automatically open the garage door.

At Merlin, we can supply and install all of these types of automatic garage door openers for you. Our products come with a range of safety and security benefits, including:

  • Automatic safety reverse (for when the system detects an obstruction in the door’s path)
  • Security + 2.0 (a security system that automatically changes the transmission code each time the door is opened or closed)
  • myQ compatible technology
  • Quiet DC motor with soft-start and soft-stop technology
  • A timer that can be set to automatically close the garage door after a set period
  • Intelligent automatic force sensor (monitors and adjusts the necessary force needed for each operation of the door)

These features make it safe to automate garage doors, while also providing premium security and convenience.

April 7, 2021