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Winner of Merlin Darwin Triple Crown’s Ultimate Fan Experience shares the adventure of a lifetime

Have you ever experienced an adrenaline-filled hot lap in a supercar? The lucky winner of the Merlin Darwin Triple Crown Ultimate Supercars Fan Experience got to do just this (and much more!) at the event last month.

Melanie was the winner of Merlin’s exclusive competition and spent an action-packed weekend with her stepfather Harry at the three-day event in Darwin.

The prize package

The money-can’t-buy prize saw Melanie and Harry fly to Darwin, Australia and stay in five-star accommodation. They were able to watch the action from a decked-out Merlin Garage in pit lane and enjoyed a thrilling weekend with a hot lap, pillion ride and more!

“The Merlin Garage experience was truly the ultimate seat in the house! Being able to witness all the action first-hand as they changed tyres and pre/post-race procedures was unreal,” says Melanie.

“In between the action, we got to relax in the garage, which was decked out with comfy chairs, a TV, a fridge and even darts!,” says Melanie.

The experience of a lifetime

The package also included a thrilling hot lap with Supercars legend Shane van Gisbergen, and a pillion ride on a superbike.

“My dad completed the hot lap with Shane and I chose to do the pillion ride. He absolutely loved his hot lap and was still buzzing days later. He found the speed and accuracy invigorating and just wished it could have lasted a few more laps!

“I am an adrenaline junkie and a big fan of superbikes, so for me this was a huge highlight. Growing up, when I would ride pillion on my mum or dads bike I’d often fall asleep winding through the country roads. I definitely didn’t fall asleep on this ride! It was exciting and such a thrill,” says Melanie.

A father/daughter adventure

As an avid adventure seeker, Melanie and her stepdad Harry have always been lovers of racing, which is why she decided to bring him along for this adventure.

“Harry has been my dad for over 22 years, and he deserves an award for putting up with me, especially during my teen years! We love hiking, squidding and have been on many motorbike rides together.

 “Growing up, Dad used to take me to the local raceway to watch the motorbike and car races. I worked at one of the V8 races and have attended a few other races over the years,” says Melanie.

Melanie knew when she saw the competition, that it would be the perfect way to give back to Harry!

“I entered the competition to thank him for being such a wonderful dad and grandfather and for the years of love and support.

“I’m so thankful to Merlin and the Darwin Triple Crown, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we’re so thrilled to have been able to experience it!” says Melanie.

Merlin would like to acknowledge everyone who made the Merlin Darwin Triple Crown such an incredible weekend of action! Over 38,000 attendees flocked to witness the historic annual event over three days. Congratulations to all the drivers and everyone who made it so memorable. Bring on 2022!

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