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Three reasons to treat yourself to a new garage door opener

The humble garage door and the technology powering them has come a long way in the past few years. If you’ve put automating your garage door on the long finger, or haven’t got around to upgrading your current opener, here are three great reasons to consider doing it now.

Get the latest safety tech

If your garage door opener isn’t working to its optimum, such as not opening or closing properly, or not stopping when there is an obstruction, then your door is not up to current safety standards.

At Merlin, we manufacture to the highest quality and safety standards and we are taking the lead to ensure Australians know more about their garage door openers. We conducted a survey and shockingly almost one in ten people surveyed had a family member of pet injured by their garage door, showing it’s a key issue for household safety.

We also found while most homeowners have no idea whether their garage door opener meets the required safety standards, compliance is important to them. Over 50 per cent say they would immediately replace their door opener if they knew it wasn’t safe and compliant.

Safety standards in Australia have been updated in recent years, so it’s important to know what safety standards your current opener was manufactured under. Garage door openers made before 1993 do not usually include auto-reversal as a safety feature, and hence and not compliant with current standards. All Merlin openers are fitted with auto-reversal as standard.

If you are unsure when your garage door opener was manufactured, it’s important to check that it meets the required safety standards. Performing a safety reversal test and regular checks will allow you to ensure your garage door opener is compliant with Australian standards.

As an added protection, you can also install safety beams to ensure that the garage door reliably stops opening and closing when the beam is obstructed or broken preventing injury or damage to your vehicle, person or pet.

Garage door openers are stronger than ever before

Safety is paramount, especially if you live in an area prone to extreme wind conditions. It’s important to consider this when choosing a new garage door opener.

In areas prone to cyclones and high winds (or for homes with heavy customer doors), the Merlin Cyclone Pro has the capability to operate wind-rated doors as its lift capacity is higher.

Garage door openers are smart

We’ve all been there – you’ve driven halfway to your destination and suddenly can’t remember if you closed the garage door. Merlin myQ products allow you to monitor and control your garage door away from home, so you’ve always got the peace of mind that your home is secure. myQ technology is also great if you have family and friends that need to access your home or garage when you’re not home.

The Commander myQ opener for sectional garage doors and the SilentDrive Elite myQ opener for roller doors both come with myQ.

If you’re concerned your current opener doesn’t meet the required safety standards or would like to discuss a new opener, contact your Merlin dealer or Merlin on 1800 638 234.