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Is your garage door safe? Safety and Maintenance Tips

Despite being the largest moving object in the house and one that’s typically used several times a day, the garage door is something that many homeowners don’t spend too much time thinking about. Here are three key things that are worth bearing in mind when it comes to garage doors.

Latest innovations

The biggest innovation in garage door automaton in recent years is that technology now allows homeowners to monitor and control their garage door when away from home through a smart device.

Merlin’s range of myQ garage door openers now gives homeowners the power to manage their garage door via their smart phone, tablet or Apple Watch from anywhere in the world. The openers can be attached to an existing garage door and connected to a Wi-Fi network. Once attached, homeowners can download the free Merlin myQ app to control access to their garage at any time.

Common misconceptions

One of the biggest myths about automated garage doors is that homeowners who want to automate their door, must replace it with a new one. This is not the case, if an existing garage door is in working condition – it most likely won’t need replacing. Merlin recommends homeowners consult a professional garage door dealer to identify and install the opener which best suits their garage door type.

Another common assumption is that all doors and openers bought and installed in Australia are compliant with Australian standards, but this is not always the case. When buying a new garage door opener, homeowners should always ask the dealer if its compliant. It’s also worth noting that garage door openers that are 10 years or older may not meet current safety standards.

All current Merlin products carry the Regulatory Compliance Mark as well as having ‘Certificates of Suitability’ to identify compliance.

Safety and maintenance tips

To ensure a family’s safety, Merlin recommends homeowners conduct regular checks on their garage door opener, including:

  • Safety reversal test – place an object 40mm above the base of the garage door’s path and set it to close. If the door doesn’t reverse in less than a second (0.75 second) when it touches the object, call a dealer to assess it.
  • Learn the safety features – homeowners should read the manual so they are aware of the door’s emergency release feature.
  • Inspections – homeowners should check all the automatic door parts every month to ensure nothing is broken.
  • Update older openers – garage door openers made before 1993 do not usually include auto-reverse as a standard feature, so homeowners should consider replacing an older opener with a newer unit.
  • Check compliance with Australian standards via the following:
    • Complete the safety reversal test
    • Check the opener carries the Regulatory Compliance Mark
    • Check the product includes a Certificate of Suitability

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