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TAKING IT TO THE EXTREME! Get To Know Australia’s New Favourite Garage Door Opener – The Merlin Commander Extreme

At Merlin, we offer an extensive range of garage door and gate openers and accessories, designed to keep your family, pets and belongings safe and secure. Our openers are able to withstand harsh Aussie weather conditions and are built to last.

Introducing Merlin’s latest addition to Australia’s favourite garage door opener range, the Commander Extreme. 

If you’re looking to improve safety and access to your home, or are considering giving your garage a much-needed upgrade, then you need to learn more about Merlin’s new Commander Extreme Garage Door Opener.

This powerful opener combines new lifting capabilities for heavy custom sectional doors, with the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. Plus, it features Merlin’s unmatched safety and security features.

We sat down with James Diab, Chamberlain Group’s Product Marketing Manager, Residential Openers, to learn all about the Commander Extreme, its safety capabilities, and why it’s earned its coveted title!

Can you tell us more about the new Merlin Commander Extreme?

The Commander Extreme is Merlin’s latest addition to our popular Commander Range, which includes the Commander Essential and the Commander Elite. Designed to handle heavy sectional doors, it offers home owners a reliable and secure garage.

 The Commander Extreme combines power and durability to ensure optimal performance, even in extreme weather conditions. Plus, it comes with our market-leading seven-year warranty – providing Aussies with much-needed peace of mind.

What’s the difference between this product and other Commander openers?

The main difference between the Commander Extreme and the other Commander products is the Commander Extreme is specifically designed to operate heavy custom doors, as well as those in cyclonic regions.

 Its enhanced lifting capabilities make it suitable for doors weighing up to 150kg or 286kg – Merlin’s heaviest lifting capabilities to date. 

Who is the product designed for?

The Commander Extreme is designed for home owners who require a garage door opener capable of operating in areas prone to extreme weather conditions, like cyclones or heavy storms. 

 It is also ideal for those with a custom or specialised garage door that has a heavier weight than the standard garage door. If you’re currently building a new home with a specially-made door, then look no further than the Commander Extreme.  

Will it keep my home safe and secure?

Home safety and security are top priorities for Merlin products, and the Commander Extreme is compliant with Australian and New Zealand standards.

 It features a built-in automatic safety reverse function, which ensures that the garage door stops and reverses automatically, if obstructed. 

 The opener also features automatic force sensing to monitor and adjust the strength needed to open the garage door.

Which Merlin accessories is it compatible with?

The Commander Extreme is compatible with a wide range of Merlin accessories, allowing more safety and convenience for your household.

 It works seamlessly with Merlin’s smart garage technology – myQ, as well as our durable Four Button Remote, the Merlin Battery Backup, Remote LED Light, Wireless Security Keypad, just to name a few!

Which accessories do you believe are a ‘must’ to go along with the Commander Extreme?

While the Commander Extreme delivers exceptional performance on its own, there are a few accessories that I consider must-haves. 

 First is the myQ Connectivity Bundle, which allows you to monitor and control your garage door remotely. myQ is easy to install, lets you schedule closing times for your garage, check the status of your garage door, and receive alerts when your garage door is open or closed. It comes in handy when you need to provide access to your garage when physically away from home. 

 The second would be the Merlin Battery Backup. This ensures that your garage can remain accessible even during a power outage, which is particularly useful for those living in areas prone to extreme weather conditions. 

And finally, what makes it ‘extreme’!

All of the above! The combination of its extreme lifting capabilities, extensive safety and security features, seven-year warranty, plus, the ability to connect with Merlin’s range of smart and convenient accessories – there truly is no other garage door opener out there like it.


If the new Commander Extreme sounds like it could be the right door opener for your garage, get in touch with your local Merlin dealer via our Customer Service team on 1800 638 234, or find out more about our new product offering here.

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