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Spotlight on Merlin’s safety technology: How we can help to keep your family safe

Merlin’s global experience and innovation has resulted in some of the most reliable, efficient and smart home access products available. Our products are trusted by dealers across Australia and New Zealand.

With features such as Safety Beams, Auto-Reverse and myQ Technology, families across Australia have relied on our range of garage door openers and accessories to keep their kids, pets and belongings safe.

Whether you’re kicking a ball around the driveway, pulling the bikes out for a ride, or simply just jumping into the car – Merlin has the technology in place to make sure you and your family are as safe as possible when moving in and around the garage.

Read on as we put the spotlight on a few of Merlin’s leading safety features, and make sure to check out the video below to see how this technology can help make your day-to-day safer at home.

Unparalleled safety with Merlin Safety Beams

Picture this: it’s Saturday morning and you and the family are enjoying some fresh air outside. The kids are practicing their handball skills, so you’d better close the garage door to avoid the ball from getting stuck under the car.

To your horror, just as you hit the close button on the garage door, there’s a last-minute dash from one of the kids to retrieve a runaway ball!

A garage door with Merlin’s Protector System, or Safety Beams, will immediately reverse the door when a person, pet or object is detected, before it makes contact.

If the beam is obstructed or broken while in operation, the door will immediately reverse ensuring no pets or kids are in the way.

Built-in Auto-Reverse technology

Your garage door is the largest moving object in the house – and it carries some serious weight!

All Merlin garage door openers are fitted with an Auto-Reverse feature, meaning that your garage door will reverse in less than a second (0.75 seconds) when it touches the obstruction (like your car!)

Whether you’ve accidentally parked too far out, or the kids have accidentally left a bike or scooter lying in the doorway, you can have the confidence that your belongings are protected with Merlin.

Have peace of mind with Merlin’s myQ Technology

Have you ever had that sinking feeling that the garage door has been left open? Maybe the thought has hit you when you’re lying in bed and about to go to sleep, or even when you’re about to board a flight at the airport!

With the garage door up, the kids or the family dog could be on the driveway or street within seconds.

Technology like Merlin’s myQ can provide parents with additional confidence that all family members are kept safe by knowing if the garage door is open or closed.

With myQ, you can receive an alert directly to your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch to let you know if the door has been opened, or if it needs to be closed. With just one quick tap, the door can be shut directly from your device.


All Merlin products meet Australian and New Zealand safety standards, so you can relax knowing that when you choose Merlin for your home, you’re choosing safety for your family.

To learn how Merlin’s garage door openers and accessories work and why they are trusted by families and dealers across Australia and New Zealand, check out our video here.

For more information about Merlin’s or to browse our range of garage door openers and accessories, visit our website or call 1800 638 234.