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SOLD: How you can increase your home’s value with smart technology

Convenience, security and value for money – these are the benefits of having smart technology in the home. Whether you’re only interested in automating a handful of appliances, or having connectivity throughout, smart home features can help you control your residence and increase its market potential.

Smart technology is an interconnected network of electronic gadgets that allow you to connect, share and interact with users and other smart devices. So, with a gadget for almost everything in the home, smart technology means you can manage your home wherever and whenever you want. Merlin has the capabilities to connect your garage to your smart home through our myQ Technology.

Research has revealed that 58.2 per cent of Australians either already own a smart home or intend to buy one. It also found that 55.9 percent of respondents shared that they are “excited” about the future of smart technology in the home.

To find out more about the benefits of having a smart home, Merlin sat down with Ingrid Stewart, Senior Sales Consultant from Chadwick Homes. Ingrid shares her insights and top tips for smart and savvy homeowners who want to have a safe and secure home, and for those who might be looking for ways to upsell their home when going to market.

Market landscape – more tech equals more value

One in four Aussies are willing to pay more for a smart home in comparison to a non-smart home. Smart technology also strongly appeals to renters with 25 to 34 year olds making up the majority of this category.

Ingrid shares that the key drawcard for smart technology in your home is the ability to stay connected.

“Connectivity is such a key part of our lives. People want to control their home from their smartphone, whether they’re sitting in the lounge room or watching the kids at cricket,” says Ingrid.

“Convenience is also a very important factor when looking at the benefits of a smart home. It is also becoming easier and cheaper to add in smart technology to older homes,” continues Ingrid.

For those undertaking renovations, Ingrid highlights the need to consider cabling and connection inputs for smart gadgets such as air conditioning.

Ingrid also suggests that buyers are not only looking to stay on trend with the latest smart gadgets, but they are after safe and secure homes.

“With smart security technology such as cameras, doorbells, and garage door openers, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing their family and belongings are protected,” shares Ingrid.

Top Gadgets

With such a wide range of smart technology available, we asked Ingrid what her top recommendations were to get the home ready for market.

“When you are considering what will add the most value to your home, it is important to consider what gadgets will make your home a more convenient and secure place to live.

“When homeowners head away for a holiday, are at work, or attending weekend sport – they want to have peace of mind knowing their home will remain exactly how they left it,” shares Ingrid.

Ingrid suggests that wise homeowners should look to invest in the following to add value to the home, whether you’re living in it, looking to sell, or renting the house out.

  • Security technology;
  • Smart lighting; and
  • Automated climate control – (just imagine coming home from the beach this summer and being able to walk into a nice cool home – how convenient!)

If you are unsure which brands to install, remember that you want something that is simple and easy to use.

Merlin leaders in smart and secure technology

Merlin’s myQ technology is a great option for smart garage door openers. With myQ you can control the garage from your smartphone and monitor who enters and exits your home.

Have a tradie coming over while you’re at work? Use the myQ App to schedule garage open and close times. Maybe you’re away for the summer and have friends house sitting? Securely send a user invite and set up to five guest profiles in the myQ app to manage when and how users have access to your home.

With smart technology, you have the power to manage your home from the comfort of your smartphone. Introduce convenience, safety and security to your home with smart technology and get the most value out of your home now, and in the future.

Merlin’s myQ smart technology and home security is one easy-to-use system. Compatible with all Merlin garage door openers, myQ means you can remotely monitor and control the safety and security of your home and belongings.

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