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myQ Moments: making every day a little easier

We get it; life is busy! We know that you want to invest your time and energy on the things that matter.

We want to make your day-to-day a little bit easier, so we’re sharing our ‘myQ Moments’ – those situations that could be made more convenient with Merlin’s myQ technology.

Whether you’re looking for security, safety, convenience, or all of the above, here are a few situations where you could use Merlin’s myQ technology.

When you want peace of mind

Ever had that sinking feeling that you’ve left the garage door open? We know the feeling too, and how worrying it can be! myQ technology is here to help.

Designed to give you peace of mind, the myQ App lets you check if your garage is open or closed, and close it from wherever you are if need be.

With 24/7 monitoring, the myQ App also sends real-time notifications whenever the garage door is opened or closed, so you can be confident that your home is secure.

When the family arrives for a visit

If you have friends or family coming to stay or need to give access to a trade or serviceperson, the myQ App offers both peace of mind and convenience. You can securely let guests in anytime, and from any location.

Have your guests decided to stay longer? myQ Guests is a free feature that allows users to grant access to an additional three people for remote, app-enabled control and monitoring of their garage door and myQ lights.

When you’re away but still need to be in control

If your friend is doing you a favour and checking in on your home while you’re on vacation, there’s no need to bother them with a phone call to make sure everything is okay.

In the myQ App, you can easily check when your garage was last accessed, so you can relax on that sun lounger and sip your piña colada in peace knowing your garage is secure.

If you have the myQ Remote LED Light, you can also set schedules to turn it on periodically, to make it look like someone is home and ward of would-be thieves.

When the postie arrives with a package

With myQ, you can use your app to open and close the garage door from wherever you are and let the courier place your packages safely inside the garage. This means there’s no chance for anyone to steal parcels from your front door!

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