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Merlin’s Act of Kindness

After a lifetime of putting his family and community first and recently battling a cancer diagnosis, Merlin provided 77-year-old Danny from Penrith with the gift of safety, security, and seamless access to his home.

After a tough 7 years recovering from cancer – Danny’s son Chris and his two sisters wanted to do something special for their father.

“Before his diagnosis, Dad was extremely active. He was an avid tennis player and even played in a band for over 50 years,” says Chris.

While the aftereffects of treatment meant the tennis court was off limits for Danny, the jack of all trades Dad had been keeping himself busy in the garage with DIY projects for himself and the family.

Danny loves his garage; however, the outdated manual roller door was proving to be a challenge.

“Dad’s old garage door would squeak and grind every time he opened and closed it, and we hated knowing that he had to jump out of his car and struggle with it. It was getting harder and harder to pull up, and we were worried he’d hurt himself,” says Chris.

Merlin and Triple M make Danny’s day

Merlin, a brand of the Chamberlain Group, the world’s largest manufacturers of garage door openers, is passionate about giving back to the community during hard times, and is aligned with the values of Triple M’s Random Acts of Kindness giveaway.

Merlin is constantly looking to add safety and convenience to homes around Australia and make life that little bit easier for people – especially for people like Danny.

“When we heard that Merlin was offering to give away an impressive garage door opener package to someone who really needed it, we knew we had to nominate Dad.

“He is a true testament to who a father should be and has been there for myself and my two sisters our whole lives,” says Chris.

Nominated by Chris and his sisters as part of Triple M’s giveaway, Merlin has gifted Danny with a fully installed brand new garage door opener with myQ technology which allows Danny to remotely control his garage door opener via his smart phone – making access to the garage as seamless as possible for Danny.

“We’re so grateful that dad has received this generous prize from Merlin, and the days of struggling with his garage door are over. We just wanted to do whatever we could to show our appreciation to Dad as we really are so lucky to have him,” says Chris.

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