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Merlin customer proves myQ technology is for people of any age

Here at Merlin, we’re always improving our technology to make it accessible, easy to use and practical for everyone. myQ is designed to be used by anyone with a smartphone, and recently, one of our amazing customers within the Newcastle area in New South Wales proved that it is truly a tool for people of any age.

Bala is 84 and lives with his wife within the Newcastle area in New South Wales. Recently, they had a new Merlin Garage Door Opener, Battery Backup, myQ Remote LED Light and myQ Connectivity Kit installed in their home.

“My current Merlin garage door opener had been operating without any problems for 19 years. However, I wanted to ensure the safety of my family in case of an emergency, so I decided to upgrade my opener to one that was compatible with Battery Backup,” says Bala.

Bala and his wife both suffer from arthritis, and he knew that operating the manual release of his garage door opener in the event of an emergency would be difficult.

According to Bala, his new garage door opener was installed expertly by the team at Macquarie Garage Doors in Gateshead, within the Newcastle area.

“It runs so smoothly, I am so happy with it! It’s so much easier and gives us the peace of mind that we’ll still be able to use our garage door opener in the event of a power failure,” says Bala.

After learning about myQ technology through Merlin’s website and social media, Bala decided to also increase the security of his garage by adding myQ technology.

“I like to keep up with technology as it helps to keep my brain sharp. With myQ, I can check if my garage door is shut before I turn in for the night. I live in a split-level house and the garage is below the lounge room, so it is so convenient to not have to walk up and down the steps to check that the garage is closed,” says Bala.

“I’m also able to let my family in if we need it, and we’ve even used it to get our groceries delivered safely. We also normally go overseas every year when there isn’t a pandemic, and I love that we’ll be able to check on the security of our place while we’re away.”

Bala believes that people who have arthritis or limited movement in any way may significantly benefit from myQ technology.

“People of my age with arthritis are often restricted in many ways, sometimes being unable to press the garage button on their remote. myQ technology is very beneficial indeed as it can be used via a smartphone,” says Bala.

Bala’s love of technology doesn’t stop in his garage! He also has a Smart TV, Smart PVR system and a smartphone.

Thanks for being such an amazing customer Bala! We love hearing stories like this.

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