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Let the Easter Bunny in with myQ Guests!


With regional and interstate travel slowly opening back up, many Australians will be looking forward to spending Easter with loved ones.

If you have friends or family coming to stay these holidays, the myQ App offers both peace of mind and convenience – allowing you to securely let guests in anytime, and from any location.

Whether you lost track of time at the local Easter egg hunt or need to duck to the supermarket for hot cross buns, there’s a more secure way to let guests in than leaving a key under the doormat!

Available on the myQ App, myQ Guests is a free feature that allows users to grant access to an additional three people for remote, app-enabled control and monitoring of their garage door and myQ lights.

How does myQ Guests work?

It’s easy to use the myQ Guests feature and share your account with family or trusted friends.

myQ Guests works with the latest version of the myQ App, which both parties will need to download. All you need to do is send an invite, and for the user to accept within three days.

Once everything is set up, they’ll be able to switch between their own myQ account and yours – no password sharing required

What are the features of myQ?

Monitor and control

myQ allows you to monitor and control your garage door opener away from home. This enhanced technology is provided through the Merlin myQ app on either your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch.

Alerts and notifications

The myQ app ensures you receive alerts and notifications when the garage is opened and closed, giving you peace of mind when you are away from home.

How do I use myQ Guest?

To send an invitation:

Tap the Menu
Tap myQ Guests
Tap Add Guest or +
Enter your first and last name and tap Next
Enter the Guest’s name
Enter the Guest’s email twice to confirm
Select Relationship to the person that is being invited and tap Save
○     Family

○     Friend

○     Other

Tap Send in the upper right corner to send the invitation. Once the invitation is accepted the user will be able to control your myQ devices
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