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How Merlin’s smart technology can help you rent your house securely this holiday season

Your bags are packed, the plane is booked, and your hotel is sorted! After a tough year and half with lockdowns and restrictions, many of us are finally getting back our freedoms to start travelling again.

During the summer holiday period, a growing number of Aussies have taken up quick-rental schemes for their home, to make back some money to spend on a trip away – and take advantage of the summer holiday rental demand.

With over 137,900 Airbnb hosts in Australia alone, the rise in popularity of these quick-rental platforms and the financial benefits are clear. Every homeowner wants to ensure the property is secure and that their guests have a positive experience – such as when leaving the key out for your impending tenants, or ensuring the house is clean between visits.

Whether you’re listing your own lived-in space or staying in a rental while on holidays, Merlin’s myQ technology can help make renting out your home, or staying in a holiday rental, much more streamlined – and Stephen John from Kiama goes on to explain why.

Renting out your home – what are the ‘key’ challenges?

Between guests leaving and arriving, and booking in cleaners, it is not always possible to meet and greet each arrival with a smile. And more importantly, with the house key.

Lockboxes and combination latches provide homeowners with a safer choice than leaving the key under the mat, however, these methods are not fool proof and can be problematic.

If a guest forgets the pin code or combination number, it can be really frustrating for both parties – particularly if you are already away on holidays! Having a simple and secure solution to this provides guests with a more positive experience.

Merlin has the answer

Merlin understands the necessity of convenience and safety when renting out your home – offering our own, smart, solution.

Merlin’s myQ home technology allows you to control your garage, and entry into the home, from anywhere in the world.

Using the myQ App, you can schedule when to open your garage door for your guests, allowing them to safely enter your home. This way, you can leave your house key securely inside for the guests to access, instead of leaving it under your front door mat!

Other benefits include:

  • Opening the garage door for the cleaner between visitors – removing the need for you to leave your holiday early to go home and clean the house.
  • Schedule your garage LED light remotely for a guest’s after-dark arrival.
  • Open the garage for guests in real time.
  • Receive alerts when the garage is opened, so you know that your guests have arrived safely.

In the case that a close friend or family member is staying at or checking in on your home while you’re away, Merlin’s myQ App allows you to securely share limited access to entry through your garage by creating up to five guest profiles.

By setting up a temporary myQ profile to a trusted friend or loved one, you can have an extra set of hands to help keep your home secure over the holidays, or assist guests if there are any last-minute changes.

myQ –  a ‘game-changer’ for Stephen

Airbnb host, Stephen, has been listing his family home in Kiama on the site since 2018.

“Living in a sought-after beachside location, listing our family home during the summer holidays has been a great form of additional income, particularly as we spend a lot of time away visiting friends and family,” explains Stephen.

“Merlin’s smart technology has been a game-changer for our rental experience. Whether I’m stuck at work, or having new guests arrive while I’m away on holiday, I can simply and conveniently allow access to my home with the myQ App.

“ m and being notified of their arrival is not only convenient for me, but also allows a confidence of safety for my guests. It’s also great being able to let the cleaners in between guest visits, without us having to leave our family holiday to return to the house.”

“mQ has certainly been a game-changer for myself and the family when renting out our home, and has created a more seamless and enjoyable experience for our guests,” finishes Stephen.

To read more about Merlin’s myQ App, and understand how it can streamline your quick-rental system, click the following link to see our website:

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