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Four ways a gate opener makes your everyday easier


First impressions are everything, and it’s no different for your home. The gate isn’t just for looks. It’s the first point of entry to the home, as well as a key security barrier for your most important possessions. 

With Merlin’s range of automatic sliding and swing gate openers, your trusty gate can become a versatile asset to your home, helping you juggle whatever the day throws at you.

If you have a driveway gate at home and you are thinking about automating it for added security and convenience, here are four ways Merlin can help make the everyday easier!

Goodbye Gate Keeper: Convenient control with Merlin  

When you’ve had the heater blasting on your way home from the office, the thought of leaving the warm car to open up your gate is less than appealing. With Merlin’s gate openers, coming and going from the house is painless, even in the colder months.

With the Four-Button Handheld Remote, you can easily open or close the gate remotely from your car, meaning no more numb fingers from struggling with the latch in the cold.

 Hassle-free guest access 

Planning to have a gardener or dog-walker pop in to take care of things while you’re out? With Merlin’s Wireless Security Keypad for gates, granting access to trusted individuals becomes a breeze. You can easily set up to ten temporary codes which are unique to each visitor, allowing them to open and close the gate securely. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of handing out or hiding keys – the Wireless Security Keypad simplifies guest access while maintaining security.

Advanced safety 

Merlin’s smart gate openers can also help keep your family, pets and vehicles safe from harm. Merlin’s Outdoor Protector System is compatible with every gate opener, working to reliably stop the gate from closing when the beams are obstructed.

Whether it’s the dog running  in the yard or the kids playing some backyard footy after school, the Outdoor Protector System ensures that your gate won’t make contact with them.

Smart solutions for superior security 

Ever had that moment where you’re sitting at your desk, and suddenly get that sinking feeling that you left the gate at home wide open?  

With the myQ App, you can check on the status of your gate from your smart device, and close it with a tap on your screen. You can also set up alerts and notifications, so you can be alerted every time your gate opens and closes. 


Gates are a great way to increase the safety and security of your home, and with Merlin’s smart gate openers, these benefits become elevated to a whole new level.  

With its advanced features, a smart gate opener not only ensures protection – but convenience and peace of mind.  

Whether you’re automating an existing sliding or swinging gate or looking to add a new gate to your home, contact Merlin today to get a free quote! 

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