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Four tips to keep your garage door on track

Replacing your garage door is a costly exercise, but you can save yourself thousands with these simple tips.

Picture this: You’re driving the kids home from a long day of Saturday sports. As you pull into the driveway and press your garage remote, the door screams, screeches, jams – and simply won’t open.

With household costs piling up (and getting more expensive) plus those brand-new soccer uniforms in the back seat, one thing you absolutely did not budget for is a new garage door.

To keep your garage door and opener in top working order, and save yourself the financial stress of a replacement, follow these four quick tips:

  1. Keep tracks clean and moving parts oiled

It’s easy to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your garage door by making sure the tracks are kept clean and moving parts well-lubricated.

Garage door tracks guide the rollers which ensure smooth travel of the garage door. By regularly wiping down the tracks of the garage door, you’ll remove any dirt or dust that could affect how the door runs.

Certain parts of your garage door and opener will also need to be kept well-oiled. By greasing hinges, locks, tension springs and bearing plates – just twice a year – you can keep the mechanics running smoothly and extend the lifespan of your garage door.

    2.Look and listen to your garage door

Keep an ear out for, and eye on, early signs of trouble with your garage door and opener.

Merlin recommends three simple checks:

  • Pay attention to how your door runs. How long does it take to close? Does it run smoothly, or does it jolt?
  • Listen to your garage door while in operation. Any grating or grinding noises mean that something is not working as it should.
  • Look at the way your garage door sits. Is it straight or lopsided? If your door isn’t sitting flat, it might have come off its tracks.

If you notice any issues from conducting these tests, don’t ignore them. By identifying the problem early, you’ll limit further damage (and cost), and likely only need to replace a small part, or upgrade to an automatic garage door opener.

Having a quality automatic garage door opener will also help maintain the integrity of your garage door, as well as offer increased safety, security, and convenience.

Merlin’s range of garage door openers are quiet, smart (myQ compatible), and reliable – with warranty policies of up to seven years available.

    3. Keep curious fingers away from remotes

It might sound simple, but make sure that all buttons and wall remotes are kept in a safe place and not used as toys!

Playing with garage door remote controls is not only unsafe but can cause faults with the remote and your garage door opener itself. These problems include everything from buttons jamming to your garage door coming off its tracks.

Wall remotes should be mounted at least 1.5 metres up from the ground – accessible for you but out of reach for small children.

If you use a Merlin remote, such as the Water Resistant Four Button Remote Control, keep it on your keychain, and away from the kids.

   4. Service your garage door opener every two years

Whether or not you’ve noticed a fault with your garage door opener, booking in a service every two years will ensure that your garage door and opener will stand the test of time, and prevent large – and unexpected – costs.

To organise a service for your Merlin garage door opener, contact our Customer Service Centre on 1800 638 234 who will connect you with your local dealer.

Don’t be surprised by a failing garage door – be smart and follow these four quick tips to ensure your door stands the test of time.

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