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Dealer spotlight: Geoff from Capital Door Works talks Merlin and safety ahead of the school holidays

There’s no doubt that your garage door is a critical part of your home. It’s not only used to house your car but is accessed by the whole family to come and go.

The school holidays mean more time at home with the kids, which also means more time spent around the garage and driveway. Being aware of your driveway hazards is important at any time of year, but with family gatherings, playdates, and holidays in full swing – now is the perfect time to revisit the importance of safety around the home and garage.

We sat down with Geoff Didier, Founder and Owner of Capital Door Works in Canberra, ACT, who spoke to us about his experience as a Merlin dealer, and the superior safety offerings of Merlin products.

Merlin’s cutting-edge technology sets you up for safe school holidays

Capital Door Works are a key dealer for (and huge fans of!) Merlin products. Geoff sees these products as the solution for a safe school holiday period.

“Merlin’s key to safety is in the tech. Customers often choose Merlin products as their first choice to keep their family, pets and property safe,” says Geoff.

“Consciously designed, their products are well thought out and well-priced. They prove their worth and trustworthiness to customers and dealers by continually working to improve their technology,” adds Geoff.

Having worked together since 2004, the companies have formed a strong professional relationship.

“We’ve been very grateful to have worked with Merlin for so many years. The relationship has gone beyond that of a normal supplier and reseller relationship. Merlin has always treated this relationship as a true partnership,” says Geoff.

According to Geoff, the safety of Merlin products comes down to the unique innovative technology. Some of Geoff’s notable Merlin features include:

  • Premium Automatic Safety Reverse: In the case that a child or pet gets caught under the closing door, the sensor on your door will automatically reverse to avoid potential injury.
  • Automatic Force Sensing: Each time you use your garage door, the system will take note, monitoring and adjusting the force needed each time.
  • Manual Release Cord: In case of power outage these holidays, you can still have garage access by being able to simply activate the manual release to open your garage door.
  • myQ: myQ technology allows extra control of your garage functions, letting you monitor and control your garage door away from home (or simply from upstairs while the kids play!)

By installing the right product, you can ensure your family’s safety – during the school holidays and year-round.

About Capital Door Works:

Geoff founded Capital Door Works with his business partner Craig Lansom 16 years ago. After twenty years in the industry, the two put their heads together and created their dealership, beginning their relationship with Merlin.

A team that started with the two founders who ran every operational part of the business, the team has grown to over 20 employees, specialising in four key areas:

  1. Garage door opener installs at residential homes
  2. Service and emergency repairs
  3. Motorised gate specialists
  4. Industrial/ commercial install

Day to day, the business has their teams of technicians, electricians and welding crew that hit the road, going to their different jobs over the Canberra region.

The company also has a second showroom location in the suburb of Mitchell on the north side of Canberra, in addition to their primary location in Hume.

Capital Door Works has been a trusted Merlin specialist for 16 years. For more information on Capital Door Works, or to browse their Merlin products, visit their website.

For more information about Merlin’s or to browse our range of garage door openers and accessories, visit our website or call 1800 638 234.