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Create the ultimate man cave with the help of Aussie start-up, A Man & His Cave

Across the country, Aussies are setting up and kicking back in the ultimate retreat; the man cave. From the essentials to the most luxurious of amenities, this blog will provide the inspiration you need to create the perfect space.

One fun, Aussie start-up is decking out the country’s coolest man caves, one garage at a time. From kegerators to arcade game machines, A Man & His Cave has everything you need to create the space of your dreams.

We spoke to Founder and Managing Director, Jaya Yoannidis, about Australia’s most popular man cave trends and the perfect products to create a next-level set up. He also shares how his idea to create a business from the garage was born!

A growing demand for man caves

In March 2020, Jaya and his friends were hanging out in a garage when the conversation about their dream man cave began.

“We were talking about what we’d put in the garage if we had the money, like a massage chair and a Play Station. That’s how A Man & His Cave was born,” says Jaya.

Since starting his business, Jaya has observed an increase in the demand for man cave items, which he says is due in part to the global pandemic.

“People are spending more time in their homes. They want to make their space one that they love and will enjoy spending time in,” says Jaya.

One room in particular that is popular for man cave transformations is the garage.

“The garage is a great option because many people don’t have an extra, empty room in the house,” says Jaya.

With such uncertainty amidst the pandemic, Jaya says that having a place to retreat is more important than ever.

“There’s a common misconception that man caves are for men only, that they’re in a stuffy old shed and that they exist to escape from the family,” says Jaya. “Sometimes for your mental health you do need an escape, but in reality, man caves can be a space that the whole family can enjoy.”

“We want to remove the stigma around man caves. It’s important for everyone’s mental health to have a haven of sorts,” says Jaya.

Inspiration for building your man cave

If you’re looking to build a man cave and are wondering where to start, it’s worth considering how you want to use the space. For some, the perfect man cave is a quiet place to spend time away from other people. For others, a space for entertaining is most important.

With some imagination and the right amenities, like a neon sign, a projector, or even a pinball machine, a garage can be transformed into a relaxing, fun space.

For those after a place to play games or watch movies, A Man & His Cave stocks everything you could imagine, from the perfect leather couch to a supersized TV.

If you enjoy entertaining and want to get your mates over to watch the NRL Grand Final, a bar fridge branded with your team’s colours and mascot could be just what you’re after!

“We stock NRL and AFL branded bar fridges and memorabilia that you can’t find anywhere else. State of Origin branded jukeboxes and a pool table are other great additions to any sport lovers’ space,” says Jaya.

Merlin’s myQ app is also a worthy investment for any man cave. With myQ technology you can let your mates in and out through the garage door from your phone!

How the idea to launch A Man & His Cave was born

In addition to being a great place to escape, garages can be an ideal office space to build a start-up business of your own.

A Man & His Cave worked from a garage office for the first few months of business.

“Garages are practical because they’re customisable. You can fit the space out to be exactly what you need,” says Jaya.

As far as advice for fellow entrepreneurs, Jaya says it’s important to be passionate about your idea.

“As cliché as it may seem, it’s true,” he says. “All start-ups require long, hard hours of work. You need to be interested in what you’re doing to put in the work required.”

Jaya’s start-up is a fitting example of what can be achieved from working out of a garage, and of the benefits that a man cave garage conversion can have on your life.

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