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Adventure carefree with Merlin’s Water Resistant Four Button Remote

A weekend adventure never goes astray – whether you gravitate towards the mountains, water, or even a creative DIY project!

Merlin understands the importance of allowing your weekends to be as carefree as possible. With our Water Resistant Four Button Remote, you no longer have to fear rain, water, dust and mud – allowing you to fully embrace your passions.

Read on below to see which kind of worker or weekend warrior you are and how our Water Resistant Four Button Remote can make your life easier.

The beach lover

For many parts of the country, it’s been a long, hot summer, so a trip to the beach never goes astray. But, as all beachgoers know, it’s nearly impossible to avoid getting salt, sand and water on every item that you own!

Merlin’s Four Button Remote is sand and splash resistant, making sure that any beach fun doesn’t result in damage to your garage door remote.

The adventure mogul

For some, weekends are meant for exploration. The bush, mountains and lakes are calling. Whether it’s for hitting a new biking route, or a long hike, we all know that the rocky and steep trails are all made worth it once you reach the view at the top.

Don’t let some pesky rain or mud hold you back for fear of damaging your belongings when you’re out in nature. Merlin’s Water Resistant   Button Remote is durable enough for it to survive a fall in the wet mud.

The handyman

When hard at work fixing up the house, or perhaps creating your own DIY project, the last thing you need to worry about is the wellbeing of the keys that you have strapped to your belt or sitting on the workbench.

With grease, sawdust and dirt flying, it’s likely that your keys might end up a little bit worse for wear!

Work stress-free with the knowledge that your sturdy Merlin remote can withstand your workshop antics.

Do any of these sound like you? Or maybe someone you know?

Merlin’s Water Resistant Four Button Remote

Merlin creates products that people both want and need. Our Water Resistant Four Button Remote Control has you covered for any situation. From its long-range frequency to its superior design and durability, and even the handy carabiner!

In true Merlin fashion, your safety is prioritised. This remote can code both Security+ and Security+ 2.0 on the one remote.

Our remote also conveniently features four buttons, allowing you to control up to four separate garage doors. This ensures safe and secure access to your home, work or loved one’s garage.

If you, or someone you know is a real weekend warrior, then this product is a must-have.

To see our Water Resistant Four Button Remote live in action, check out our new video.

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