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Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener is the central component of any garage door system. It is the element that not only powers the lifting and lowering of the door but which also computes any changes to the system. For example, our garage door openers are cap able of sensing changes to the level of force needed to operate the door as well as any obstructions in its path.

The Basics of a Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is integrated into the structure of the garage door system in one of two ways. In a roller door system, the motor will be positioned at the top of the door to the side. From there, it will wind and unwind the door. In a tilt door system or a sectional door system, the motor is situated on the ceiling of the garage. The motor is connected to the door by a driver mechanism, which usually involves a track, a chain or belt, and a set of wheels or roller drums.

Merlin’s garage door opener motors are extremely powerful, and are designed to lift single, double and custom heavy doors.

Our openers also feature an automatic force sensing function. This means that every time the door is operated, the opener monitors the precise amount of force needed to operate the door, automatically adjusting itself. This ensures that the door continues operating in a uniform way and at the same speed for every operation.

Despite being very powerful, our garage door openers are also extremely quiet. Our DC openers work to eliminate noise and vibration through the ceiling. They also use a soft-stop and soft-start function so that every operation is smooth and quiet.

Garage Door Opener Safety

A modern motorised garage door opener is an extremely safe device to use. More than just powering the movement of the door, it is also intelligent enough to sense if there is any obstruction in the way of the door. All of Merlin’s automatic garage door openers come with a Premium Automatic Safety Reverse function. If the door senses its path is obstructed, it will automatically stop and reverse to the open position. This way, you can feel safe knowing that nothing and no one is going to get caught in the closing door.

This feature is particularly useful if you program your Merlin product to have an automatic closing timer, or if you create opening and closing schedules.

As an added precaution, our garage door openers are connected to a manual release cord, which can be pulled to open the garage door whenever needed.

Garage Door Opener Controls

The opener is controlled by either a wall-mounted remote or a hand-held remote that you can keep in your car. These devices transmit a signal to the opener to begin operating. You can signal to the opener to stop and reverse at any time. This is useful if you would like to have your garage door partially open for a period (perhaps to air out the garage while keeping it secure) or to run back inside the house if you have forgotten something.

As an extra security measure, you can integrate your Merlin garage door opener with the myQ system for home security. This way, you can monitor and control the opening, closing, and stopping of your garage door wherever you are through your phone.

Merlin, Your Garage Door Opener Specialist

If you are looking for a garage door opener motor replacement, Merlin is your best source of quality openers and advice. Our range of openers are noted for their high specifications of functionality, safety, and security, as well as their intelligent and easy-to-operate designs. But what they are most noted for is their absolute dependability and endurance over many years of use, which is reflected in the extended warranties across our products.

April 28, 2021