The future of home automation

  • The global home automation industry is projected to grow from $16.9 billion in 2011 to $35.6 billion by 2016, according to research undertaken by, which clearly demonstrates a growing trend.

    With some full home automation systems costing up to $250,000 depending on level of detail, it’s good to know that there are still some simple and cost-effective ways to automate areas of your home, such as the conversion of your manual garage door into an automatic garage door.

    Many people simply don’t realise how easy it is to install an opener to their existing garage door, with research conducted by Merlin last year uncovering that only 53% of homes had an automatic garage door.

    Home automation goes beyond just convenience, adding a great deal to your lifestyle as well as adding value to your property’s worth when using it to modernise older properties.

    As it gains popularity in home renovation, so too does the level of technology available, with users able to adjust more and more intricate and specific home functions remotely, such as heating and lighting.

    This suggests that people view this kind of home improvement as expensive or much more likely only available when you purchase a brand new garage door, however this is far from the case.
    Not only is converting your garage door to automatic easy to achieve and inexpensive,  but it is also unnecessary to purchase a new door to benefit from this kind of time-saving automation, with a Merlin easily fitting to all types of existing garage doors.
    With garages often doubling as a second entry point to your home, think of the time you would save by having your garage door open and close at the touch of a button. No more stopping the car, unbuckling the seatbelt, getting out and then facing the task to lift the heavy garage door and then doing the same in reverse!
    Merlin estimates that you would give yourself back approximately three weeks extra time over the average lifespan of a garage door opener –time better spent doing your favourite things, like spending time with the kids, indulging your hobbies or walking the family dog.
    Home automation has come a long way, with certain gadgets in the home becoming quite commonplace to the point of being a given in most homes.
    These include remote controls for televisions, air-conditioning, swipe card access to parking for those who reside in a security building, automatic gates, centralised control of lighting, appliances and even pet feeding.
    We are constantly automating our lives to make them easier in an increasingly busy world. These days, few of us can imagine living without our TV remote controls and once you automate your garage, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one of these too.