myQ Gate Connectivity Kit includes HPS15 Reflector Safety Beams and M828AU myQ Gateway




With the Gate myQ Connectivity Bundle you can add the ability to monitor and control your gate with the myQ App while you are away from home.


The Gate myQ Connectivity includes myQ Gateway and the Outdoor Protector System™ (IP67 Reflector Safety IR Beams**) to protect your loved ones and belongings.


  • Monitor and control away from home* myQ technology allows you to monitor and control your gate away from home.
  • Receive alerts and notifications Receive alerts and notifications for complete peace of mind knowing you are in control away from home.
  • Invite guests Easily invite up to five people to control your myQ devices from anywhere.
  • myQ Scheduling* With myQ Scheduling you can select specific close times for your gate.


Compatible with:

Merlin gate opener models:

Slide 600 (MGSK600, MGSK600-LV), Swing A 200 (MGASK, MGASK-LV, MGADK, MGADK-LV) Swing L 300 (MGLSK, MGLSK-LV, MGLDK, MGLDK-LV)

Grifco gate opener models:


The myQ App will run on Apple devices (iPhone/ iPod Touch) using iOS 13.0* or higher, Apple Watch requires watchOS5.0 or higher. Android devices requires Android 7.0 Nougat* or higher. Windows and Blackberry devices are not compatible.

* The app may be installed on earlier versions, however features and functionality may not work as expected. As updated versions of the myQ App becomes available, older iOS's may no longer be compatible. Linking your myQ account to partners may require a subscription fee.

  • Product Features
  • Compatible With
  • Downloads
  • Monitor and control away from home*
  • Receive alerts and notifications
  • 5 myQ guest users
  • myQ Scheduling*
  • IP67 rated Reflector Safety IR Beams, which protects against your gate accidentally closing on children, pets or vehicles



One Year Limited Warranty

Slide 600
Swing A 200
Swing L 300
MS65MYQ / MS105MYQ**
MS125MYQ / MS135MYQ**

E-Drive+2.0 / E-Drive+2.0 GLM**
E-DriveMYQ / E-DriveMYQ GLM**
S-Drive** LS-Drive (post Jan 2019)*

** The HPS15 is supplied with a 2m cable. If used with this operator
the cable needs to be extended

Tilt Doors: The Gateway System MUST NOT be used on Tilt doors.