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Tips for keeping kids safe around the house these school holidays.

School holidays are always manic. If you’re busy working from home or at the office and can’t always keep an eye on the kids, having a safe space for them to run around is essential.

Even though the weather is still warm enough for children to play outside, indoor safety can’t be forgotten about.

From knowing who to call in an emergency, to installing your own safety measures and equipment, we’ve compiled five of our best tips to keep the kids safe around the house these school holidays:

1.  Teach them about the do’s and don’ts of the garage door. As a second entrance to the home and a place to store toys and bikes, kids will often end up playing near the garage. The garage is the largest moving object in the home, so it’s important the kids know not to leave belongings underneath the roller door. They should also be aware that cars will be coming and going and can’t often see small children playing. Try teaching them with a fun rhyme like “when you play stay out of the way.”


2.  In case the kids do leave belongings lying around or play too close to the garage door, conduct a safety reversal test of by placing a solid object 40mm high beneath the garage door’s path – if the garage door closes but does not reverse in less than a second when it touches the object, call a professional to assess the door.


3.   Child-proof your home or the place you are staying by making sure that all dangerous substances and items are out of reach. Make sure that all electrical wiring is safe and swimming pools are sealed off with approved safety fencing or safety nets.


4.   Limit their time online and install security software that allows you to monitor online activity and intervene if something look suspicious.


5.   Teach them how to dial triple 0 in an emergency and have a list of family members or family friends they know how to contact.


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