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Three Garage Door Myths and Misconceptions

Myth #1

You have to replace your door to automate it

One of the biggest myths about automated garage doors is that homeowners who want to autmate their door, must replace it with a new one. This is not the case, if an existing garage door is in working condition, it most likely won’t need replacing. Merlin recommends homeowners consult a professional garage door dealer to identify and install the opener which best suits their garage door type.

Myth #2

All openers purchased in Australia are compliant

Another common assumption is that all doors and openers bought and installed in Australia are ompliant with Australian standards, but this is not always the case.  When buying a new garage door opener, homeowners should always ask the dealer if its compliant. It’s also worth noting that garage door openers are 10 years old or older may not meet current safety standards.

Myth #3

My garage door can’t be part of the smart home

Smart home connectivity is a growing part of everyday life, but many homeowners may not realise that the garage door  can now actually be a part of the smart home revolution. Recent innovations now mean the technology allows homeowners to monitor and control their door when away from home.

For example, Merlin’s range of myQ garage door openers now gives homeowners the power to manage their garage door via their smart device, providing peace of mind that they can check on their property from anywhere in the world.

All current Merlin products carry the Regulatory Compliance Mark as well as having “Certificates of Suitability” to identify compliance. For more information or to arrange a quote, call Merlin today on 1800 638 234 or enquire online

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