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Stand out this festive season by decorating your garage!

It’s officially December, which means it’s finally acceptable to be excited for Christmas!

When it comes to bringing some festive cheer to the neighbourhood (and maybe starting some healthy competition amongst your neighbours), Christmas decorations can go from simple to extreme! But if you’re looking for a way to make a festive statement this year, there’s one way you may not have considered… your garage!

Whether you’re going all out with a custom banner, using a projector to create a light show or having some fun decorating inside the garage, why not spread the Christmas cheer and make your garage a focal point this year.

If you’re having friends or family around to celebrate, we suggest double checking government websites to ensure you are up to date on the COVID-19 restrictions so you can have a happy and healthy Christmas!

Here are some fun ways to decorate your garage and creatively utilise your space this festive season.

<strong>Put on a show!</strong>

One of the easiest ways to decorate your garage is to use your garage door as a canvas for projecting images! <a href=””><strong>Christmas Lighting Australia</strong></a> have plenty of options that are easy to install and are weather resistant.

You could have images of Santa, a snowman and a Christmas tree projected onto your garage door, or if you want to take the festivities to the next level, they also have moving red and green firefly and cosmic patterns.

If you’re itching for Christmas day, they even have a Christmas countdown projector! They also come with stakes for installing outside or if you’re having a Christmas party indoors, you can get wall and table mounts.

<strong>Wow with a banner!</strong>

If you want decorations that are quick and easy to install, without the DIY aspect, opt for a garage door banner.<a href=””><strong> Shell Graphix </strong></a>sell banners in six different designs from simple messages of ‘Merry Christmas’ to graphics that look like Santa’s secret workshop. These banners are a great way to have your decorations be seen in the daytime and are made to fit single and double garage doors. You can even ask for your own custom design and size.

Their banners are made using mesh so they’re super lightweight and can be easily installed using the eyelets that are sewn in. What’s even greater, is that they are made to ensure your garage door is still functional and can move up and down, and they can be used year after year!

<strong>Don’t forget inside!</strong>

If you’re using your garage as a dining space for your holiday guests, then it needs some festive flair too! Hang fairy lights and tinsel around the room, add a Christmas tree or some holiday characters and you’ve got an amazing space to entertain! If you don’t need to use the garage door that day, you could even hang some recycled fabric in festive colours!

Your garage can be the designated games room or the kids’ room hang out space on the big day.

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