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Open up the possibilities of your garage

Finding the budget for a renovation, or space for an extension, can be tough. Why not repurpose your garage to create a stylish and useful addition to your home?

See our five ways to transform your garage into a new space for you or the family.

For the fitness fanatic

Anyone who loves the endorphins after a tough workout has probably dreamt of having a home gym. An unused garage is just the place to make this dream a reality.

Traditional home gyms can be as simple as the addition of your favourite cardio machine or a small weights section.

Alternatively, your home gym can be completely decked out to create the ultimate home gym experience. If you’ve got the budget, a home gym with one or two cardio machines, alongside some kettlebells, a squat rack and hand weights would rival your local gym.

If you’re a boxing lover, add punching bags, skipping ropes, wraps and hooks to hang your gloves up when you finish your workout. For a yogi, floor to ceiling mirrors, a beautifully painted mural, a couple of mat options and a block and strap will instantly create that studio look in the garage.

No workout space is complete without the perfect soundtrack. Consider investing in Bluetooth speakers or headphones for a finishing touch.



With the addition of some homely decorations and proper weather proofing, a garage can be easily turned into a spare room for when guests come to stay. Start by painting the walls and building some small storage units to double as bedside tables.
Remember to set up the bed close to a power point so guests have easy access.

Converting a garage into a living space can come with some zoning and regulatory requirements, so remember to check with your local council before making any changes.


Home office

Many well-known businesses have started out of a garage. With the rise of the gig economy, more and more people are working from home in freelance positions or starting their very own side hustle. A dedicated home office not only helps with concentration, but provides a couple of tax benefits too.

Start with a desk and build out from there with a sturdy chair, internet connection, drawers, storage and your favourite stationery.

Remember, if your home office becomes your place of business rather than just your place of work, you’ll need to look into taxation, legal regulations and other things such as insurance and workplace health and safety.


The hobby room

Whatever your hobby, an empty garage is the perfect place to set up a dedicated space to relax, unwind or get creative. From sewing rooms to reading nooks, art studios or a place to restore old furniture, the garage is the perfect place to get set up with tonnes of fresh air and natural light.

Start with some shelving units, storage and a workbench. From here, you can make any additions you need depending on what you enjoy. You could even go old school and set up a dark room to develop your own film.

The possibilities are as endless as your hobbies.


Entertaining space

With indoor-outdoor transitions becoming more and more popular, the garage is fast becoming an on trend entertaining area.

Begin your transformation by painting the floor and giving the walls a fresh lick of paint; decorate the space to taste with your favourite art, pictures, storage units and seating. A bar cart with all your favourite bases and mixers is the perfect finishing touch.