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With Merlin technology, your garage continues to be the most secure entry point to your home

Merlin’s number one priority is the safety and security features of our garage door opener products.

Recent reports of the use of ‘code-grabbing’ scanner devices to open garage doors are overstated – their effectiveness is extremely low and only a threat to older garage door openers and cheaper, imported products. Intruders attempting to enter homes through the garage only highlight the need for a quality garage door opener.

Since 1993, our parent company, the Chamberlain Group, has equipped all of its remotes with patented technology to provide the highest level of security available in the market.

From 2011, our Security+ 2.0 technology ensures the garage door remote communicates on multiple frequencies and used a unique code every time the button is pressed; selecting one code from 100 billion encrypted rolling codes. This enhanced radio technology also selects the strongest frequency every time, virtually eliminating interference from other devices.

We want to assure our customers that with Merlin technology, your garage continues to be the most secure entry point to your home. And, as industry leaders, we will continue to test and develop new technologies, systems and safety measures to help improve and simplify our customer’s lives and protect your homes (and those who live there).

Smart home technology

For added peace of mind, the Chamberlain Group’s myQ technology gives you the power to monitor and control your garage door anytime, anywhere from your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch.

The myQ App sends real-time alerts and notifications when the garage is opened, closed or left open for a period of time. It also has a scheduling feature so the garage door can be set to close at a certain time.

For more information about incorporating myQ technology into your garage, see our blog on why the garage door should be part of every connected home.

What can you do if you want to increase garage security?

Merlin have equipped all of our remotes with patented security technology for over 25 years – the highest level of security available on the market.

In more recent times (since 2011), customers using Merlin garage door opener products are protected with our Security+ 2.0 technology.

For Australians with garage door openers and accessories from other manufacturers, it is important to review the make, model and age of the garage door products you have in your home.

Prior to 1993, many remotes used DIP switches which were more limited and meant that a signal could potentially be received by others in the area; allowing them to open the garage door.

We encourage Australians with garage doors to ensure you have secure, safe and high quality garage door opener installed and only use genuine accessories, to ensure the safety and security of your homes and loved ones.

If any Merlin customers have questions or concerns, you should contact the dealer who installed your garage door opener, or contact Merlin directly on 1800 MERLIN.