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Merlin successful in winning litigation settlement to protect its Security +2.0 Technology

An announcement has been made by Merlin (a brand of the Chamberlain Group) and National Garage Doors that the claim for patent infringement against National Garage Doors has been successfully settled in the Federal Court.

The Court have made declarations of infringement and imposed injunctions to restrain further infringements by National Garage Doors. National Garage have admitted to the infringement and consented to the entry of a money judgement against them. Overall, they made no challenges to the validity of the litigation concerning Security +2.0 patents.

Rob Marais, Managing Director of Chamberlain Group, commented that this has shown that Chamberlain Group takes protecting its valuable technology very seriously.

Litigation will continue against the manufacturers of the remotes infringing on Chamberlain’s Security +2.0 patented technology.

No further comments will be made by either party.

Click here to read full Lititgation +2.0 Press Release 

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