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Make back to school a breeze with Merlin’s myQ

With January over, we’re settling back into routine which, for those of us with families, means the return to school.

It’s a busy time of year, with back-to-school shopping, figuring out new bus routes, organising school schedules and extracurricular activities – and the busier we are, the more frequently we use our garages and driveways.

Recent research conducted by Merlin revealed that almost 10 per cent of respondents − non-Merlin customers − have had a family member or pet injured by a garage door.

Here at Merlin, we want you to start the year with freedom and peace of mind. Partnering with Kidsafe, Merlin has compiled three tips to keep your family safe when they get home from school.

  1. Chat safety first!

Before the family gets too bogged down with work, study, and after-school activities, sit down to discuss your safety plan. It’s important to make sure the whole family is on the same page if an emergency arises.

Make sure to talk through:

  • Where are the safety areas of your front yard? When you or your kids hear a car coming, make sure there’s a designated space to move to.
  • Where do family members park? Inside the garage or on the driveway? Make sure these areas are kept clear of any items and are not used as play areas.
  • Is the garage a common access point to the house? If so, drivers will need to be aware when leaving and arriving home. If possible, avoid using the garage as a main point of access – instead, give each family member a key to the front door.
  • When do family members tend to exit and enter the home? By being aware of each other’s movements, you can take extra care when around vehicles.


  1. Know your model

Do you know all the features of your garage door? No? Chances are, your kids won’t, either!

While it’s important to ensure younger children keep their hands away from any cogs and controls, it’s still crucial that they know how the garage works. For older kids, knowing what to do if trouble arises is key.  –

Read your manual to brush up on the safety features of your   opener – particularly the emergency release feature – and share this information with the whole family.

Also ensure that everyone knows where  opener Remote Controls and/or Wall Mount Remote Controls are kept.


  1. Invest in safety tech

Pair these safety behaviours with technology to protect your family − and your peace of mind! Equipping your garage door with the in-built smart tech features of a Merlin garage door opener means a safer home, garage and driveway for you and your family.

Safety is at the core of all Merlin home access products, with features such as automatic reversing being standard in all our garage door openers.


The auto-reverse system ensures the garage door will automatically stop and reverse if it detects an obstruction. So, whether a bag gets left under the door, a pet escapes, or a family member tries to duck under at the last minute, Merlin has you covered.


Homeowners can also layer on additional smart, safety-focused accessories – such as Safety Beams, Merlin myQ or a (for compatible Merlin openers) – based on their family’s needs.