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When life is full speed ahead

Merlin ambassador Greg Murphy shares how myQ makes life a little easier for his busy working family.

Life is busy. With three kids, a hard-working wife and work taking me across New Zealand and around the world, I’m always full speed ahead.

As a racing car driver, I strongly believe in safety first, whether it’s on the road or in our homes. I’ve been advocating for well over 10 years now on many different road safety initiatives, including launching a young driver practical training program in New Zealand.

I believe driver safety starts at home, in the garage, so adding Merlin’s myQ technology with its premium safety and security features to our garage door setup has been a game changer.

Safety first

The most important feature of any garage door opener is safety. The myQ Connectivity Bundle includes the Protector System (Safety IR Beams) that will reverse the door in two seconds if there is an obstruction. This gives us peace of mind that our possessions (or family members) aren’t in danger of being damaged by a heavy garage door.

No more keys

One of the best things about myQ technology is the fact that it’s keyless. If I go out for a run or to the shops, I don’t have to worry about a heavy set of keys dragging me down, and I don’t have to remember to bring my garage door remote with me! I can just bring my phone with me and let myself back into the garage.

Forgetful Greg

I often used to drive away and then wonder, ‘Did I actually close the garage door’, or come home to my wife rolling her eyes at me for leaving the garage door open again. With myQ remote access, I can simply use the myQ App to check if the door is closed and if I’ve forgotten to close it from wherever I am.

Honey, where are the kids?

With two teenagers and one almost teen coming and going every day, the 24/7 notifications are vital for our peace of mind. Knowing when the garage has been opened and the kids have arrived home safely allows us to breathe easy when we aren’t home.
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