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Isolation done right! Here’s how to turn your garage into a playroom your kids will love

Kids need a lot of room to play, create and learn. With more and more children staying at home as the COVID-19 crisis escalates, cabin fever is setting in.

If you’re looking for a bit of extra space for the kids and your garage isn’t being used to house your car, you might consider transforming it into a kid-friendly playroom. Using your garage gives your kids a dedicated place to be kids and gives you and your house a bit of a break.

Here’s some tips on how to turn your garage into a kid’s paradise.

1.    Start with a clean slate

Make sure your garage is clear of clutter so that you and the kids can move around easily. Consider alternate storage options throughout the house such as cupboards, the laundry room, or a shed if you have one. The floor should be swept, and the room should be dusted. Once you know how much space you have to work with, you can start to plan your playroom.

2.     Safety First

Safety is the most essential part of the process in transforming the garage so you’ll need to assess any hazards that could pose potential harm to your kids.

A great place to start could be acquiring thick carpet padding or floormats so that the floor is squishy and comfortable. If there are any nails or sharp objects sticking out of the walls, make sure they are removed.

Research conducted by Merlin suggests that almost one in ten people surveyed have had a family member or pet injured by their garage door. If you are concerned about the garage door being a safety hazard, Merlin’s Protector System (Safety IR Beams) will automatically reverse the door in two seconds if it senses an obstruction (like a pet, child or an object under the door). It’s also important that the wall button to operate the garage door is out of reach of curious hands.

3.    Storage

Once the room has been cleared out and is safe, it’s time to get ready for fun!

In order to keep everything in the playroom organised, use storage bins with labels on them to teach kids where all their toys go. Shelving could also be a great option if there is enough wall space in your garage. Make sure the shelves are securely fastened to the wall in case anyone decides to go on a climbing adventure.

4.    Create dedicated zones

A playroom can have so many different uses: the only limit is your imagination! You could create a corner reading nook with a bookshelf and some comfy bean bag chairs, or an arts and crafts corner with a chalkboard wall for drawing. You could even set up a home cinema with a projector and use the garage door as a backdrop!

If your children are older and need a quiet place to get stuck into their schoolwork, the garage is a great place to set up a study. It is secluded and away from the distractions of the household and their bedrooms, so all they need is a sturdy desk, comfortable chair and good lighting and they’re ready to go!

5.    Decorate

To make time in this space even more fun, add some colour! Whether it’s some fun pastel wall colours, kids’ artwork, funky wallpaper or a chalkboard. it makes the space brighter and happier. Be sure to include the kids in the decorating so they can take ownership of the space. It’s a kid’s zone after all!

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