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How to incorporate your garage into the ultimate Australia Day weekend barbeque

What says Australian summer better than a good old fashioned BBQ?


While firing up the BBQ in your garage poses various risks, there are plenty of ways to incorporate your garage into your summer get-together. If your Australia Day plans consist of a BBQ and a cold drink with family and friends, then check out these tips on how to incorporate your garage into the party.


Children’s playroom

For garden parties with littlies running around, setting up the garage as a playroom is perfect use of the space! Popping the kids in a fun and safe space out of the sun allows them a bit of freedom, without the parents having to worry too much. Be sure to keep an eye on them though; ensure tools, garage door remotes and heavy equipment are well out of reach and that it’s not too hot!


Drinks station

In the scorching Aussie sun, it’s so important to stay hydrated, but with that heat comes melting ice and warm drinks! Keeping your drinks (and ice) out of direct sunlight in the garage will keep them colder for longer.


Games room

Not just for children, games rooms can be fun for adults too! Ping pong can be a great way to challenge your friends. Pull out all the old favourites: think UNO, Twister, or a couple of decks of playing cards for hours of fun.


Dining hall and lounge area

The garage could be the perfect place to set up a food area – out of the breeze, away from any fly-away leaves and safe from the hot sun. Most importantly, if you’re seating a large number of people, the garage is often the biggest area and can seat everyone comfortably!



Decorating your garage with simple fairy lights or balloons can turn any space into a party! Using soft lights can help create a calm ambience as the afternoon becomes the evening.