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The evolution of the garage door

Did you know that the garage door is thought to date back to 3500BC, or even earlier? For as long as humans have made use of wheels for transportation, we’ve looked for places to store our vehicles.


Check out our brief history of the modern garage door, from barn doors to super smart garage door opener technology.


Cars and carriages

During the early 1900s cars were a luxury only the rich could afford.


Many cars found themselves parked alongside horses in the stables.


The invention of the automatic garage door opener

The production of the Ford Model T between 1908 and 1927 opened up the possibility of car ownership to middle class America and beyond.


US inventor, C.D. Johnson, from Hartford City, Indiana is credited with inventing the first electric overhead garage door opener in 1926.


Unlike our modern day garage door openers that use a remote control for operation, C.D Johnson’s invention required a keypad to be hardwired outside of the property to allow the driver to activate the door.


War time garages

In the 1940s supplies (such as steel) were limited and wooden garage doors started gaining popularity. During the early years of World War II many manufacturers put production on hold to contribute to the war effort.


The garage becomes a part of the home

The 1950s and 60s saw a period of economic growth that resulted in larger cars, and consequently larger residential garages.


Architectural trends also began to focus on convenience and style, with the introduction of attached garages with direct entry into the house. As the variety of house designs expanded, so too did garage designs.


Moving into the 1970s and more than half of new homes built included a two-car garage, with the automatic garage door opener becoming the norm in most homes.


The invention of the garage door opener remote

In the mid-1980s, two US inventors, unknown to each other, invented the first wireless remote garage door openers.


The first garage door opener remotes used a simple transmitter, meaning your remote would also be able to open a neighbour’s garage door. Today’s remotes utilise 433 MHZ frequency to ensure each remote and the door it opens is secure.


All new Merlin remotes and accessories now come with Security 2.0+ technology as standard, which use an encrypted rolling code to help eliminate interference, sending a new code to your remote with every click.


Smart technology

Today, garages can be as high tech as the rest of the home. With myQ technology, you can monitor and control your garage from your smart phone, tablet or Apple Watch. See our website for more information about myQ compatible products.

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