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Chamberlain Group commences legal proceedings to protect its Security+ 2.0 Technology

Leading garage door automation manufacturer, Chamberlain ANZ, along with The Chamberlain Group, Inc. (CGI) has commenced legal proceedings against Giant/Autoga, National Garage and CodeEzy for breaching Australian patents protecting its Security+ 2.0 Technology.

CGI contends that these organisations are supplying aftermarket garage door remotes that infringe on CGI’s intellectual property, and has taken legal proceedings to address this issue.

“Chamberlain Group has been providing garage door automation solutions in the Australian and New Zealand markets for over thirty years and we pride ourselves on developing quality, reliable products that are rigorously tested to comply with Australian and New Zealand standards,” says Mike Fraser, Head of Sales for CGI.

“It has come to our attention in the last year that there have been a growing number of non-genuine garage door remotes entering the market that we believe are infringing the patents of our Security+ 2.0 Technology,” says Mr. Fraser.

“CGI invests significant resources to bring innovation and technology to our products. We are committed to producing quality, reliable products that are designed for consumer safety,” explains Mr Fraser.

“We take the issue of fake remotes very seriously. CGI will rigorously defend our intellectual property,” concludes Mr Fraser.

All genuine CGI products developed by our Grifco, Chamberlain and Merlin companies feature each company’s unique branding. If a dealer or reseller is unsure of a product they can contact CGI by calling 1800 638 234.

For patent information, please visit CGI will provide no further comment in relation to the legal proceedings.

Chamberlain patents protecting its Security+ 2.0 Technology are as follows:

•                  Australian Patent number 2006200340 – Method and apparatus to facilitate transmission of ternary movable barrier operator information.
•                  Australian Patent number 2006202850 – Method and apparatus to facilitate message transmission and reception using different transmission characteristics.
•                  Australian Patent number 2007203558 – Method and apparatus to facilitate transmission of an encrypted rolling code.
Chamberlain ANZ, with the Chamberlain Group, has commenced proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia for infringement of Australian patents protecting its Security +2.0 Technology.

The proceedings are against Giant/Autoga, National Garage and CodeEzy and relate to allegedly infringing commercial activities in respect of certain aftermarket remotes.

July 2017

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