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A Garage Success Story – The Arty Farty Wannabees

Merlin loves to uncover inspired stories about how Aussies are making the most of their garage.

Meet Judie Butler and her band of mosaic artists, the Arty Fartys. The group meet every Thursday in Judie’s garage to design and create mosaics. Judie’s passion stemmed from a love of art as a child, and as she has grown, she uses her craft as a way to relax and unwind after a long day at work.

Creating unique pieces from small pieces of glass, tile and stone, the garage is the perfect place for the group to develop and perfect their craft, and the group love the peace and serenity of a private space.

“My garage keeps all my art supplies in one place and ensures that all my pieces stay safe and my dogs won’t be getting in the way or stepping on broken glass. It’s the perfect space for what I do”.

“With all the work I put into my pieces, I like to know that they are safe, and they won’t get damaged in any way, so the garage was the obvious choice!

Check out Judie’s story below and her amazing pieces of art!