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Tilt Garage Door Openers

A tilt garage door, or a tilt panel garage door, is a garage door system that employs a single rigid panel, which pivots horizontally as it is lifted. The door is connected to a motorised opener, which powers the lifting and lowering of the door via a driver mechanism. As the opener lifts the door, the panel begins to turn so that, when completely opened, it lies flat against the ceiling.

Merlin offers a range of tilt garage door openers that are packed with technology designed for convenience, safety, and security.

Our automatic tilt garage door openers are powered by super quiet DC motors. Our opener motors range in lifting capacity from 90 to 230kg. Each opener uses an automatic safety reverse system and can also be paired with an infrared safety beam.

Each automatic tilt garage door opener also features advanced security measures such as randomised code generation and automatic close timers.

May 2, 2021