Chamberlain Merlin & Grifco - Security+ 2.0 Technology – Patent infringement proceedings commenced

  • Chamberlain ANZ, with the Chamberlain Group, has commenced proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia for infringement of Australian patents protecting its Security +2.0 Technology.

    The proceedings are against Giant/Autoga, National Garage and CodeEzy and relate to allegedly infringing commercial activities in respect of certain aftermarket remotes.

    The Chamberlain patents are listed below with links provided to the specifications in the Australian Patent Office:

    ·             Australian Patent number 2006200340 – Method and apparatus to facilitate transmission of ternary movable barrier operator information.
    ·             Australian Patent number 2006202850 – Method and apparatus to facilitate message transmission and reception using different transmission characteristics.
    ·             Australian Patent number 2007203558 – Method and apparatus to facilitate transmission of an encrypted rolling code.

    Given that court proceedings are in process, Chamberlain are unable to provide any further comment at this stage.
    Dated:  June 2017