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Lighten your pockets with the Wireless Security Keypad

Mounted to an external wall of your home, the Wireless Security Keypad provides an alternate entry to the garage for guests, family members, friends, the tradie or when you simply don’t want to carry keys!

For when you need to go keyless

From heading to the park with the kids or going on a Sunday afternoon run, there are times when carrying heavy keys is not practical. Lighten your load with the Wireless Security Keypad, which lets you set your own personalised PIN number for secure access to the garage.

For when you’ve locked yourself out

Perfect for when the door has blown shut behind you, or you arrive home at the end of the day and realise you’ve left your keys inside, the Wireless Security Keypad gives you secure access through the garage.

Let the kids in after school

Kids are notorious for forgetting their keys and being stuck waiting for Mum or Dad to arrive home. With the Wireless Security Keypad, they can have secure access to the house without the need for keys.

While the Wireless Security Keypad is a fantastic solution for kids who forget their keys, it’s essential that only mature children who understand the importance of garage door safety are given the responsibility of operating the garage door.

For when you need to let somebody in

If you have a holiday rental home or need to let a friend or family member in when you’re out, the Wireless Security Keypad is ideal, allowing your guests or loved ones to enter the garage without the need for keys.

The Wireless Security Keypad also allows you to program a temporary PIN for visitors that will only work for a set period of time or for a set number of entries.
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